Where We Work


Our partnership in Ecuador with Fundación Casa Victoria, which launched in Fall 2018, focuses primarily on mental health related to substance abuse, addiction, and addiction-related behaviors. Our partners are embedded in a community organization based in one of Quito’s poorest neighborhoods, where alcoholism and drug abuse are prevalent among teenagers and adults. Not only is this tied to clinical depression and anxiety, but also unemployment and domestic violence.


Our partnership in Mexico with Casa Xitla focuses on trauma and burnout recovery. Brio is collaborating with local partners to design a holistic recovery and care model for victims and families of victims of human rights violations. Our first step is to verify the efficacy of the program components through rigorous testing and evaluation. Future plans include training on the model, scaling the model to multiple locations, and providing resources to communities affected by organized crime.


Our partner in Peru, Yunta, serves children growing up in slums outside Lima and Arequipa through a school-based mentorship program. Together with their team, Brio is working to design simple mental health evaluations for both students and volunteers, while implementing new curriculum and training to encourage self-efficacy among students


To support communities through India’s intensive COVID-19 response, we working with a Kshamtalaya Foundation in Jaipur and Delhi to design mental health programming for teachers and school systems. The programming is focused on self-efficacy and emotional regulation.