Brio’s program supports leaders of established nonprofit organizations to design effective community-owned models of mental health care. If you are interested in becoming a partner, we would love to hear from you!

About our program

Year 1: Pilot Year

  • We work with you and your community to assess and define the mental health problem you hope to address. This includes initial needs assessments, focus groups, and interviews with team members and stakeholders whenever possible. 
  • Using our findings and principles of human-centered design, we help you to develop a pilot program. During the program, you have access to our strategy and clinical expertise.
  • We will also identify 1-3 organizational strategic goals to strengthen your internal capacity over the course of the year. Brio will provide workshops, coaching, and training as needed to reach these goals.

Years 2-5: Implementation and Expansion

  • Each subsequent year, we create clear goals for the partnership to help you expand on your program. This stage depends heavily on your specific needs. Each partnership is required to measure effectiveness and adapt. 
  • As your impact grows, we support your strategy in growing a team, generating revenue, applying for larger grants, training stakeholders, and more. 
  • Throughout the partnership, we support you by convening like-minded leaders, experts with relevant experience, and our own expertise.

Wondering if our program is a good idea? Here are our partnership eligibility requirements:

  • You are a leader in an established non-profit (NGO) organization serving low-income populations and communities. 
  • Your proposed program directly addresses a mental health challenge you have identified in your community. Examples include: addiction, trauma, burnout, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.
  • Your organization is active in your community throughout the year and has a strong local reputation. 
  • You are willing to work with Brio to develop evaluation strategies that measure your progress and impact at each stage of the program. 
  • You affirm our partnership model and agree to collaborate with Brio on a shared vision with shared values, and are willing to be held mutually accountable.